Combine the Best Family Games and Family Activities For Bonding

Combine the best family games and family activities for bonding with your children. In this century, it is increasingly evident that most families are busier than ever. Commonly seen is that both parents are employed in the workforce having just enough allowable time to transition from work (most likely during the commute home), be present for school activities, help with homework, dinner and bedtime.Weekends tend to be even busier seeing that Johnny and Suzy are involved in sports and need to be shuttled to and from their destinations. There are the household chores, grocery shopping, and home maintenance that seem to devour free time as a family. A system has to be created so that free time will not be sacrificed and for the possibility of generating more.Make time for family gamesChoosing the right games can be easy to do. You will want to make sure the games will be compatible for all family members to participate. The important ingredient for playing the games is for everyone to make the time to come together. For this to happen, it may take some sacrificing of time allowed for other activities such as television and chores.A great way to approach the game playing is to set aside 30 minutes of free time that will be convenient for all. Playing the games may take longer than the time set aside but you can always continue the play the following day. There is no need for alarm if the play falls short of time allowed. The object is to have fun without judgment, criticism, or teasing.Bond together with other fun activitiesAlong with the family games, bond together with other fun things to do. You can find quite a few fun activities for families from your local newspaper or magazine. Some of the activities may be free of charge while others charge a nominal fee. Be prepared to adjust the free time for everyone to enjoy the activity. Get input from family members as to what they would like to do so they can be part of the decision process.Another great activity for bonding that is truly overlooked is chores. As unpleasant as it may be, it can create the perfect time for closeness. It serves a wonderful space in time to socialize together or one on one with a family member. It also affords the opportunity for parents to listen to their children and facilitates a channel of communication. Chores can be a fun activity when everyone cooperates and works together. The trick is to work on a chore collectively not individually. It will speed up the process to complete the task and eliminate the doldrums of doing the routine alone.Looking at the big pictureThere is no doubt that family bonding takes effort and commitment especially for those families with busy lifestyles. Families will have to figure out what strategies and techniques will work best for them. A key factor to keep in mind is that it is not the quantity of time but the quality of time devoted to the activities. Once a system has been created, a family is on their way to successful bonding.

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